flying light(Halloween limited)

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Flying light, a flying fox that lives in the forests of the Arie Empire.
The "Shruk Forest," where the legend of the witch Glinde remains, is shrouded in a thick fog so thick that daylight cannot penetrate it, and is home to many nocturnal creatures that prefer the dark.
They use their glowing horns to lure insects to their prey.
They have poor eyesight and use ultrasonic waves emitted from their horns to grasp objects.
People know it by the name “firefly bat”.

Apparently, he was eating a pumpkin for Halloween and got stuck in his head.

※Accessories are made to order. (Average time to completion is 2-3 weeks. I pledge to produce them without fail).
I will ship the accessories only after they are completed, so please allow additional time for delivery (I ship from Japan). I appreciate your understanding.
※Original jewelry pouch is included.
※This accessory is a pendant top, but does not come with a chain. If you would like a chain, please purchase it separately from the category "Chain".
※Material is sterling silver. (The pumpkin part is brass.)

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¥13,200 tax included