demon's trumpet(M)

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Demon's trumpet, a native lily in the forests of the Arie Empire.
It is a plant that prefers dark places, and grows wild in abundance in the "Shurk Forest," a forest where the legend of the witch Glinde remains.
It is said that if you deeply smell the fragrance produced by the flower, you will fall into a deep sleep that will lead to death.
It is popularly known as "Devil's Cradle" by the people.
The language of flowers is "captivated forever".

※Accessories are made to order. (Average time to completion is 2-3 weeks. I pledge to produce them without fail).
I will ship the accessories only after they are completed, so please allow additional time for delivery (I ship from Japan). I appreciate your understanding.
※Original jewelry pouch is included.
※You can choose from three types of stones: garnet or amethyst or onyx. When purchasing, please indicate in the remarks field whether you prefer garnet or amethyst or onyx.
※This accessory is a ring. If you are interested in purchasing this accessory, please enter your preferred size in the remarks box.
※Material is sterling silver.

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¥14,300 tax included